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Welcome to the homepage of Henrik Johnson

aka Mauritz Persson

Recent Postings

2013-06-18 21:06: Antonin Scalia Does Not Believe in Molecular Biology
2013-06-13 23:35: I just achieved true Inbox Zero for the first time in over 5 years
2013-01-24 15:36: Dealing with credit report errors
2012-11-03 16:28: Why I don't like Windows Phone 8
2012-10-09 00:12: Atheism more common than Christianity in younger demographic

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Mauritz Media Center Toplist Charts

2014-08-01: July 2014
2014-07-01: June 2014
2014-06-01: May 2014
2014-05-01: April 2014
2014-04-01: March 2014

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Toad Wrangling Postings

2009-10-07 11:52: Flow control for your scripts
2009-05-13 23:19: Toad for SQL Server snags best of TechEd 2009
2008-10-22 23:31: Inside the application data directory
2008-10-21 13:01: Code completion revealed
2008-10-19 21:44: Connection and transaction handling explained

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